Who Are You?


Who are you?

With cotton crowning your head

Fur lining your brow

Almonds giving you sight

Satin lining your mouth

Who are you?

With grooves embedded on your throat

Fruits and berries on your chest, standing proud and firm

Soft round flesh surrounding your womb

Thick tufts of kindle cupping your mound

Who are you?

With plentiful hips

Lush thighs

Firm calves

You are beautiful

You are black

You are me.

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So it looks like Kendrick is dropping a new single titled “i” sometime soon (rumors say next week), and he just posted this pic on his twitter. It’s been a great year for TDE, leave it up to K Dot to take it home.

Ex Machina 

"The bearded man, a talented weaver according to the author, is shown with an earring and what appears to be an amulet (gris-gris) hanging from his neck; he belonged to the kingdom of Sine, one of the pre-colonial Wolof states (pp. 7-8). Boilat made his drawings from life; his 24 plates are explained in an accompanying text. Born in Senegal of a French father and a bi-racial mother ("metisse signare"), Boilat left Senegal at around the age of 13, was educated in France and became ordained as a Catholic priest. He returned to Senegal in 1842, lived there for ten years as an educator and, after returning to France, completed his Esquisses Senegalaises; he also authored the first comprehensive grammar of the Wolof language. He died in France in 1901, at the age of 84. (We thank Kandioura Drame for these biographical details.)"
as shown on www.slaveryimages.org, compiled by Jerome Handler and Michael Tuite, and sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the University of Virginia Library. (Click image for details):

Travel Etiquette © // New Orleans • Colorful exploration with the brother @bmike2c looking forward to see what he does with the place for P3 #traveletiquette #followyournola (at Secret Location)

Dave n Ye

#SZA at #theBestFuckingShowEver.
Fucking dooooooope

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Met one of my favorite rappers and one of my favorite human beings last night. Happy Birthday to @yeahrightpos and thank you for truly putting on #theBestFuckingShowEver.